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Deep in the heart of Texas, Saddlehorn Ranch is home to a flock of rare Teeswater sheep.

This majestic breed originated in Great Britain as a dual-purpose sheep with outstanding wool properties and heavy carcass weights. The animals have a docile nature, and are often referred to as the "royalty" of longwool breeds   A Teeswater sheep in full fleece is quite impressive.  Breed characteristics include large bodies, a crimped white fleece with individually purled locks, and dark markings on the legs and face. 

Teeswater Sheep
Teeswater Sheep
Teeswater Sheep
Teeswater wool is characterized by long, natural curls that can grow up to one inch per month. The raw fleece from an individual animal usually weighs 8-15 pounds.  The fiber has a soft handle, with a diameter range of 30-36 microns.  The wool has a lustrous quality that retains the pearly sheen even after washing, dyeing and spinning.

Teeswater sheep at Saddlehorn Ranch are sheared annually, and the hand-picked, premium locks are generally 8-12 inches in length.  These long, curly white locks are perfect for doll hair and for tailspinning, but the artistic possibilities are endless.  Teeswater fringe is outstanding on scarves, sweaters and bags.

The shorter locks are perfect for spinning smooth, silky yarns,  as well as soft, bulky-textured yarns.  Teeswater wool is commonly used to make hats, scarves, sweaters, and blankets, but it is also used for rugs, toy animal fur, and Santa beards.

Teeswater wool can also be blended with other types of fiber (various wools and mohair) to add a soft, pearly sheen to any project.  Many fiber artists use the wool bits for felt, tapestry, doll stuffing, sculpture, and other crafts.

2 Months Wool
8 Months Wool
12 Months Wool
Teeswater sheep are rare in the United States, but through the diligent effort of a few devoted shepherds, the quality and availability of these magnificent animals is slowly increasing.  Saddlehorn Ranch participates in a responsible breeding program to continuously improve the genetic quality of our flock.  All of our breeding stock are registered with the Teeswater Sheep Society of North America.

Depending upon availability, we offer registered breeding stock, fiber wethers, fleeces, longwool locks, and wool.  Please e-mail or call for details.  Saddlehorn Ranch specializes in heritage breeds, and is conveniently located near Interstate 10 in central Texas. 
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Top Photo - Courtesy of Darrell Pilkington at Higher Gills Farm, UK
2 Months
8 Months
12 Months
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